Girls Swimwear

Girls Swimwear

A beautiful selection of swimwear by Meia Pata, Beach& Bandits, Lison paris, Neuces, and many more high end brands.

 Swimwear care

Rinse well


Always rinse your UV clothing thoroughly with clean, cold water after swimming to prevent wear of the fabric. If it is necessary to wash your UV clothing, always wash it by hand. Fill the sink with cold water and add some mild detergent. Wash your UV clothing gently and rinse well with cold water. Do not soak your UV clothing. This is bad for the fibers and causes the clothing to lose elasticity. Do not wring out your UV clothing, this weakens the elastic and affects the fit. 


To dry


Do not leave your UV clothing rolled up in a towel or bath towel after use, otherwise the chlorine has more time to penetrate into the fabric and your UV clothing can start to get moldy. It is best to let your UV clothing dry in the open air and in the shade after rinsing it out. Never dry your swimwear in direct sun or near a heater. Do not hang your UV clothing to dry on a metal hanger, this can cause rust stains and you really can't get these stains out. UV clothing is absolutely not allowed in the dryer!




Despite the color fastness of our UV clothing, it cannot be ruled out that discoloration may occur under certain circumstances. High levels of chlorine, sunlight and salt levels in the sea can damage your UV clothing and cause color changes. Also, some brands of sunscreen can leave (yellow) stains in the fabric that you can't get out. Therefore, apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you put on your swimwear. If you need to reapply, try to avoid any contact with the fabric. 


Rough surfaces and slides


Be careful with rough surfaces such as concrete, floors, benches and other rough materials, as they can cause cracks and wear. Slides are cool attractions in the pool, but your UV clothing can wear out faster. Weaknesses, pilling dust and/or holes are the result. 




As with all swimwear, sand can sometimes get into the fibers of the fabric. The density of the fabric can make it more difficult to wash out dirt or sand, which can sometimes leave stains. To remove trapped sand, gently run your fingernail over the fabric when the fabric is dry.


BEACH & BANDITS is a seaside based children’s swimwear brand, born out of a love for long summer days on the beach and motivated by the desire to create cool and comfortable children’s swimwear that looks and feels great but, most importantly, is protective of children’s delicate skin whilst out in the sun. 

The brand was founded in 2014 by Hans and Jo-anne. Together with their three little bandits they spend most of the time on the beach. They wanted their kids to be safe in the sun, but also to look cool. In their search for cool & comfortable sun-safe swimwear, they got frustrated at the lack of these available. So they started a journey and set out on a mission. BEACH & BANDITS was born and believes that UPF50+ swimwear can be cool, comfortable and sun-safe at the same time!


Meia Pata™, is an international brand designed and manufactured 100% in Portugal. It annually presents two collections of socks, tights, shoes and hair accessories for children from newborn to 12 years.

With an innovative design and high quality, it presents a poster with more than 50 colors and 100 different models.

As a complement to its collections, in summer it presents a complete Bath Line and in autumn / winter presents a wide collection of sweaters with coats, boleros, caps, caps, among others.

16 products

16 products