Cream Candy Playhouse

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Pastelya Kids Playhouses, which we created with modern and elegant designs inspired by Scandinavian house design; It is formed by the strong and light aluminum pipes that fit seamlessly and tightly to the connecting elbow parts.


Our skeleton system consists of 19 mm diameter aluminum pipes and plastic elbow parts.
Our covers, which are put on the skeleton system, are completely handcrafted and produced using 100% cotton fabrics.


The product is sent to you disassembled. In assembly, the parts are combined in minutes with the disassembly and plug-in logic without the need for any tools.

Thanks to the lightweight skeleton system, you can easily move your playhouse to the room, park or garden you want.

The inner material of the base cushion sent with the playhouse is prepared using 1st quality antibacterial fiber and with Oeko-tex certified fabrics.


Package Included :

Aluminum frame system
Plastic elbow parts

playhouse fabric cover

floor cushion

Carrying case
User manual



Base : 85 x 120 cm
Height : 130 cm

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