Beige velvet ball pit 40*90 Ecru, Beige, & white ( in stock)

Beige velvet ball pit 40*90 Ecru, Beige, & white ( in stock)

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MeowBaby® Dry Pool with Balls 40cm, Velvet, Ready Set, Ecru: Beige, White

Discover our exclusive collection of VELVET ball pools in unique, fashionable shades. This soft, fluffy to the touch fabric is extremely durable and durable, which means that the covers made of it will serve your children for years. The plush structure of velor shines beautifully and reflects light, which gives the interior a unique character.


A dry pool with colorful balls is a real must-have in every child's room! MeowBaby® basins with balls were created with our youngest in mind. They guarantee great and safe fun for our Children. While playing with balls, the youngest practice motor skills, consolidate their grasping ability, develop hand-eye coordination and learn colors. Children's pools filled with colorful balls turn out to be extremely useful in sensory integration therapy, and the size and round shape of the balls are ideally suited to children's hands.


The MeowBaby® dry pool with balls is made of soft, anti-allergic foam. Soft, cozy velor covers, available in as many as 10 colors, will perfectly fit into any interior. The basin is very easy to keep clean - just remove the zipped cover and wash it in the washing machine at 30 ° C.


Dry ball pool - features:

diameter: 90cm *,

pool height: 40cm,

wall thickness: 5 cm,

bottom thickness: 2cm

stable sides and the bottom made of antiallergic polyurethane foam (Oeko-Tex certified).

Dry pool cover:

fastened with a zipper,

machine washable at 30 ° C,

pleasant to the touch velor fabric (Oeko-Tex certified),

Material: 77% cotton, 23% polyester.

Good to remember!

MeowBaby® ball wells are sewn in Poland, using certified, high-quality Polish fabrics.


* Due to the fact that each pool is made by hand, its diameter may slightly differ from that given in the specification (+/- 5 cm).

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